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December 22, 2011

Braces. Pendakap gigi.

Hai uols! After years of waiting, finally on 21/12/2011 i get to wear my braces! I've wasted years in the waiting list of gov ortho that i decided to do a mini survey about dental braces until i found out about Klinik Dr Zarin near Ampang. This particular dental provides braces treatment at a really affordable cost. So without wasting any more time, I went there, walk in je. On that day, they took my xrays and acuan & they said they will call me later. After exactly 1 week, they called me for a second meetup. The doc himself explained every single particular things about braces and let me decide wheather Im still interested to wear them on. Obviously I said yes! Sepatutnya opp untuk pakai braces somewhere in February but Doc said if I want to get them on on the same day, i have to wait. So tadaaaaaaa dah pakai pun.
So give me another two years honey!
P/s : dear future husband, sila tangguh kan niat nak masuk minang dulu ye. Atleast for another 2 years :p


  1. kene berkorban sketla pakai braces ni...haha makan itu susah ini susah...mula2 rase xselesa...

    based on my friend la

  2. salam, blogwalking here =), saya pun dah 2 tahun lebih pakai braces, dh buang yg atas, ade yg bwh je skrg ni...hehe. x sabar nak buang smua =P